Our mission is to promote Rotary fellowship, service and public relations utilizing all the tools available on social networks.

Social networking is invaluable for building and reinforcing Rotary friendships, with the ability to share snapshots of your personal life in a non-intrusive way that enable you to find more in common with other Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and Rotary alumni. It also provides a free, easy and effective way to share your Rotary story with the wider world.

ROSNF is not just a website – what sets us apart from other computer-based fellowships and Rotary-related groups and pages is that we provide comprehensive education and practical training and support about social networking, for all levels of experience:

  • Don’t know what social networking is, or why you should try it out? Let us allay your fears and misconceptions. Our members regularly present talks and seminars at club and district meetings, as well as at the RI Convention and International Institute. We are recognised by RI as the social media experts: all except one of the panelists on RI’s social media webinars in 2011 were ROSNF members; our charter chair Simone Collins was a keynote speaker at the International Institute in Bangkok, and most panelists at the social media break out sessions at the Bangkok Convention were all ROSNF members.
  • Just starting out? We can help you get to grips with the different social networks and Web 2.0 offerings, including blogging and the different aspects of Facebook. We can explain one-on-one, in the different forums and groups, or in our blog posts things like what the difference is between a group and a page, or how to modify your privacy settings, what tools your clubs or districts should be using, and so on. We regularly post articles on our Facebook page, with a selection available on our Support & Training page. If you’d like personal help, you can ask questions in our discussion groups here on rosnf.net, on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also look up a volunteer “Expert” in a particular platform, or the “Champion” for your district.
  • More comfortable with using social networking? We’ll give you tools and tips to really use the networks and apps effectively, to help grow Rotary through spreading first-hand accounts of how Rotary is making a real difference, which is particularly useful for attracting younger members. We’ll help give a leg-up such as the “Hug a Club” project to help get your club up to the magic 25 fans to get a vanity URL. Perhaps you’d like to contribute to our blog series, where members will share insights on a wide range of topics?
  • If you’re a pro, then we offer you the opportunity to use your expertise to help others who are just starting out. We provide a central hub where you can be found by those that need your help to get their toes wet, and you can pick and choose what you’d like to help out, whether it is with being a mentor (“Expert”) on a specific site such as LinkedIn, or helping us program new apps. You can sign up as a District or Zone champion and take on the challenge to get social media adopted widely in your local area. We can even put your name forward as one of the experts that RI calls on when they need a quote for an article or to be a panelist.

The Rotarians On Social Networks Fellowship promotes fellowship and service through:

  • providing training on how to use social networks safely and effectively for maximum benefit for all areas of Rotary fellowship and service (and personal enjoyment), without compromising privacy or being seen to “spam” about Rotary. This includes alerting members about Facebook scams and viruses, and assisting Rotarians to tap into the social networks alumni build up themselves.
  • developing and supporting open source applications (including Facebook apps) to further enhance the ability of Rotarians and Rotaractors to find fellow partners-in-service and conduct projects.
  • promoting the existing Rotary-related applications, especially the official pages and causes of Rotary International.

If you are a Rotarian, Rotaractor, or Rotarian spouse and you share our love of social networking, or would like assistance in getting to grips with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, and other social networks and Web 2.0 sites, please join us!